I make large scale, very physical oil paintings.  The images in my work emerge from a process which begins with small-scale artist' books in which I combine painted, invented images with ones that I lift through digital scanning . The images in my work are from  old 1920's cartoons, of a universal character, "the company-man". I use these images and very gestural painting as metaphors for psychological states of mind.  Attachment, questions of being an "individual" within "the group",assimilation and role-playing interest me. I use a frankenstein-like approach to piece together figures/images and use multiple broken-up canvases to further the fragmentation of those images. This first came up in the heavy collage work of my drawings which I allowed to change the way that I approach my painting. My approach to painting also has been influenced by early films of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton that I arrived at by way of Twyla Tharp and Samuel Beckett. I approach a show as a "staged" experience, and my job as that of choreographer of the work.