KAREN GANZ             
1988 M.F.A. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
1984 B.F.A. University  of California,Berkeley,CA.

2010 Power(play),SfCC gallery, Spokane,WA.
2009 Moving Target,Howard House gallery, Seattle,WA.
2008 Power(less-ness) Smorgasbord,Howardhouse Gallery,Seattle,WA.
2007 Threshold,Kittredge Art Gallery, Evergreen College,Olympia, WA.
2006 Guns and Money,Kidder Smith gallery, Boston, MA.
2002/3 Survival, Esther Claypool gallery, Seattle WA.
2001 Backbone, Grover/Thurston Gallery,Seattle,WA.
1999 Smot , Grover/Thurston Gallery, Seattle, WA. 
1998 Attachment, Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1998 Menace, jennjoygallery, San Francisco, CA.
1996 New Work, Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1994 Recent Work, A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago, IL,Index Gallery, Clark College, Vancouver, WA.
1993 New Work, Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1992 New Work, Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle, WA.
2014 finalist or U/N. Texas arts Commission, $285,000 budget. 
2008 finalist for $30,000 Seattle Streetcar Station with the City of Seattle
2006 Finalist for a $110,000 commission from the San Diego Airport .
2003 Macdowell Colony residency/Macdowell Colony Travel Grant
2002 Port of Seattle/$75,000 commission for 5’ x 110’ piece/ 9 paintings in 13 parts.
2002 Seattle Arts Commission’s Seattle Artist 2002 purchase award, Seattle, WA
2000 Seattle Arts Commissions’Seattle” Artist 2000 “Purchase  Award,Seattle,WA
1998 Artist Trust Fellowship Award, Seattle, WA
1998 Seattle Arts Commission’s Seattle Artist 1998 Purchase Award,Seattle,WA
1997 King County Purchase of Painting for the Kent Regional Justice Center Collection,Kent, WA.


2017-2018, Making OUr Mark,cuarated by Andrew Walsh,Bellevue Art Museum,Bellevue WA.
2016 Seattle Painting Today,Curated by Matthew Offenbacher,V2 artcenter Seattle ,WA 
2015 Monkey Business,North Seattle College Art  Gallery,Seattle,WA. 
2013 City of Seattle, Atmospheric Weather,Two exhibitions of Artwork from Seattle Public Utilities Collection,Seattle,WA.
2011 Seattle As Collector,Seattle Arts Commission 40th Anniversary Exhibition ,Seattle Art Museum, Seattle,WA.
2009 The Figure, HowardHousegallery,Seattle,WA.
2008 Go Figure, Selections from the Permanent Collection,Boise Art Museum, Boise, ID.
2006 20 Prints by 20 Emerging Artists, Coos Bay Art Museum,Coos Bay, Or.
2006 Persona, Davidson Contemporary, Seattle, WA.
2005 Past/Present, Archer Gallery,Clark College, Vancover , WA. 
2003 New Paintings, SAM Rental/Sales Gallery, Seattle, WA.
2003   Karen Ganz and Peter Buchman, KidderSmith gallery, Boston,MA.
2002  Seattle Arts Commission’ Collection, recent acquisitions, Seattle, WA.
2000  Seattle Arts Commission’ Collection, recent aquisitions, Seattle, WA.
1998 A Generation Apart: Fay Jones and Karen Ganz, Sun Valley Center for the Arts,Sun Valley, ID. 
1998 Surfacing, jennjoygallery, San Francisco, CA.
1997 Grins: Humor and Whimsy in Contemporary Art,Pomona, CA.
1997 Celebrity: Figures of Worship, Fame Fortune, Heroism, and Infamy, Seattle WA.
1997 Print Survey, Alysia Duckler Gallery, Portland, OR
1995  Folie a Deux, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle , WA.
1995 Ex Libris, Cornish College , Seattle, WA.
1995 Endowment:Refittings 2, The Art Gym, Portland OR.
1994 Four Seattle Painters, Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR
1994 New Directions in the 90s, Los Angeles, CA.
1993  Endowment: Refittings, Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA   
1992 The Comedy of Art,Seattle, WA.
1991  Pleas and Thank Yous/Collaborators Show, Tacoma Art Museum
1990  Art Bound, Seattle, WA.
1990 The Book Stripped Bare: Books as Art,Seattle, WA.
1990 Introductions  2-person Show, Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle, WA.
2009 "Eleven best Seattle shows of 2009", Another Bouncing Ball Regina Hackett takes her Art to Go.
2009 "Karen Ganz - down the sinkhole, with style",Another Bouncing Ball Regina Hackett takes her Art to Go.
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SELECTED PUBLICATIONS:Books ,Magazines and Catalogues
2011      Return to the viewer,Matthew Kangas,Seattle ,WA.
2004      Birddog Magazine,Issue 5.
2004/5   Platform gallery print portfolio, Seattle, WA.
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Boise Art Museum

Dain Bosworth,Minneapolis,MN
Davis,Wright,andTremaine, Seattle,WA
Henry Art Gallery,Seattle,WA.
King County Portable Works Collection, Seattle, WA  
King County Public Arts Commission, Regional Justice Center, Seattle, WA
Microsoft Co.,Redmond,WA
Paul Allen Center, University of Washington, Seattle, WA   
Port of Seattle, Sea-Tac, WA. 
City of Seattle, Portable Works collection
Swedish Medical Center Collection, Seattle, WA
Tacoma Art Museum ,Tacoma,WA.
Bill and Ruth True,Seattle WA                                                     
Washington State’s Art in Public Places Program, WA.